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Everything You Know About Marketing is Wrong (Colleen Jolly)

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Online Training: International Best Practice Proposal Graphics & Desktop Publishing Jump Start Program
Colleen Jolly, CPP APMP Fellow

Could your proposals be better? Do you spend too much time rewriting and assembling your proposals? Do you want better graphics and better-looking proposals but don’t know how? Does Microsoft Word drive you crazy? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then this training is for you.

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Picture Perfect: Make Powerful Graphics Fast
Mike Parkinson, CPP APMP Fellow
May 3rd, 2014

This hands-on session shows busy professionals how to increase success rates and lower cost with visual communication. Learn the three easy steps to conceptualize, validate, and render professional graphics. Get graphics tips, tricks, tools, and secrets that will make your job easier. Using behavioral psychology, learn the techniques that are proven to increase understanding and recollection. Learn what works (and what doesn't) when using visuals. Apply what you learn to make powerful content for your next educational or sales project. (No design skill required.)

in Association with the ASTD International Conference and Expo
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Rise of the Infographic
presented by Mike Parkinson (CPP APMP Fellow) and Colleen Jolly (CPP APMP Fellow)
May 27th, 2014

Harness the trend of infographics: visuals (or animations/videos) that combine several bits of quantitative information into easy-to-understand audience-appealing designs, ultimately used to sway them to an opinion, a course of action or a purchase. Explore trends and underlying psychology from around the world then apply those techniques on your next bid. We will review several static and animated infographics and dissect each into 3 components:

  • aesthetics/style
  • quantitative information
  • messaging: conscious/subconscious).

Then build a bid-specific infographic, discussing the challenges and solutions for creating quality materials on a bid-relevant schedule and budget, while recognizing what type of information is most pertinent to share using this method. This presentation takes the concept of "regular” proposal graphics and upgrades it to the popular, modern concept of an infographic, empowering proposal audiences to transform their executive summaries and/or key concept of operations graphics through the use of quantitative data and effective visual storytelling.

in association with APMP Bid and Proposal Con
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Billion Dollar Proposal Graphics
presented by Mike Parkinson, CPP APMP Fellow; June 16, and September 19 of 2014

A $100 discount is available to each APMP member OR to companies registering 3 or more attendees to the same workshop. A $200 discount is NOT available to those fitting in both criteria.

Billion Dollar Proposal Graphics teaches participants how to develop clear, communicative, and compelling graphics for your next proposal, presentation, sales/marketing effort, or seminar. No design skills are needed to learn best practices, tips, tricks, and secrets for developing winning graphics for business documents that need to make a positive impression.

In association with the Shipley Associates.
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Get Proposal Templates from 24 Hour Company

24 Hour Company has just launched a new professional proposal template product for MS Word now available through The company has developed the templates around industry-specific imagery and using best practices in functional design. The MS Word proposal templates are completely editable and designed for professional, high-quality output and quick-turn efficiency while being completely user-friendly.

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Billion Dollar GraphicsGet the Latest Version of Mike’s Book, Do-It-Yourself Billion Dollar Graphics

Now, in it's second printing, Do-It-Yourself Billion Dollar Graphics is upgraded for 2013 with new graphic examples, new graphic types, an improved P.A.Q.S. Questionnaire, and an updated process that increases your success rate. Order your copy now. (Also available at and other fine bookstores.)


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Alliance partners: Tenzing Consulting, Strategic Proposals, Winning Solutions, Lohfeld Consulting, Capture Planning, Rainmakerz Consulting, Advantage Consulting, CyberSpace Solutions, Propel Consulting go to Tenzing's web site go to Rainmakerz's web sitego to Lohfeld Consulting Group, Inc.'s web site SPS go to Strategic Proposals' web site go to Capture Planning's web site

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