The company I’m supporting has a history of hiring graphics support at $25 per hour, but they frequently need to find replacements for a variety of reasons.

The traditional engagement involved a proposal writer sketching the graphic, and the outside consultant drawing it much prettier. This time, I needed someone more senior to visualize the concept and the solution architecture. Our entire proposal team had struggled and ultimately punted. Following your recommendation, I contacted 24 Hour Company who assigned a Senior Conceptual Designer. I met him the next day at 10:30 and just talked through our proposed solution concepts. I had my finished graphic by 2:30.

I couldn’t be happier with the result, the quick turn-around, or the total price. You have visualized our concept perfectly in ways our internal team could not. You accomplished in 2.5 hours what would have taken us a full week, and your result is better.

Matt Matthews, Telophase Corporation

The things that set 24 Hour Company apart as a service provider are the responsiveness and dedication of the people. No matter who I work with, they all have the same ability to create quality graphics that represent what our writers have in mind. And throughout the process they are able to turn things around quickly whether they are working on-site or remotely. This is especially important when we are working on the final adjustments to the graphics. I was quite surprised how reasonable your services were—especially considering the high quality end product and knock-out service!

Rick Orth, AECOM
Aegis LLC

Working with 24 hour graphics has been an exceptional experience. The extra effort, exceptional quality of the product, and rapid turn-around of products, often on a weekend, especially by Dana and Nanna has been greatly appreciated. I have and will continue to recommend 24 Hour to any company doing proposals (if they are not in direct competition with us, of course!). I really believe that 24 Hour has been a key contributor to Aegis' success on proposals.

Gary D. Pease, Aegis LLC
Artlin Consulting

24 Hour Company's graphics enhanced our proposal tremendously, and enabled us to achieve our goal of creating a professional looking proposal that would really impress our evaluators. Mike, Dennis and team were patient, flexible, and most importantly they gave expert advice throughout the concepting and editing processes. The team worked under tight deadlines and created impressive and thoughtful work. We will definitely use 24 Hour Company in the future, and recommend them for anyone seeking to enhance their proposals with eye-catching and meaningful graphics.

Leah S. Little, Artlin Consulting

Absolute Staffers

We were facing a very tight deadline on a proposal and needed the graphics done ASAP. Erycka and Nanna stepped up to the plate and gave us the personal service we needed throughout the week and over the weekend! They also kept in touch with phone calls and emails, so we always know the status of our project. Needless to say, the graphics were top notch and the value we received exceeded our expectations! We look forward to working with 24 Hour Company in the future.

Tanya Brumfield, Absolute Staffers

I know I'm not their only client, but whenever I call 24 Hour Company it sure seems that way. I get the immediate attention of senior management—and that communication and sense of urgency flows seamlessly to the talented graphic artists who do the work. It's different with temps and freelance designers where I get put into the queue and hope that they can fit me in on time to meet the deadline. We also save time because the first set of graphics from 24 Hour Company is typically 95% right because all their designers know what proposal graphics are supposed to look like.

Barclay Butler, Apptis
BAE Systems

Working with 24 Hour Company saves me time and money and you just can't beat the quality of the graphics! When I worked with freelancers in the past they generally didn't get the gist of what we wanted, so it took more time and more money to go back and forth until they got it right. 24 Hour designers can take a cryptic drawing by our engineers and literally make it come to life.

Silver Jones, BAE Systems

At the time of this effort, I was a brand new Proposal Coordinator for BAE and needed to learn the graphics process immediately. Your designers were incredibly patient and understanding, and did everything they could to get me up to speed. I was very impressed with how quickly they responded to my questions and turned around our edits. Everyone was very approachable and professional at all times.

Natalie Ker, BAE Systems

I just wanted to reach out to you and express my thanks for your support on this proposal. Once again you have helped us achieve a superior quality product. The team and leadership were impressed with the visual components you put together. Your quick responses, fast turnaround, and up-to-date communications were instrumental in helping us put together an integral part of this proposal. Thank you. I’ll be in touch soon to let you know about future opportunities for collaboration.

Gabe Quintana, BAE Systems

I Just a note to thank you and the team at 24 Hour Company for your support illustrating graphics for the ... proposal. This was a complex proposal with a lot of graphics, and the art support from 24 Hour Company was crucial to ensure all graphics were completed in a timely manner. The proposal is done and ready to submit to the customer. I appreciate your assistance with this important effort.

Lorraine Torley, BAE Systems

Ben Rowland

It was a pleasure working with Lakin on a recent proposal. He not only has the superior graphics skills I have come to expect from 24 Hour Company, but he also has the attitude, calmness, and people skills that put him at the top of my A-list. He has such broad knowledge of the industry that he was able to suggest multiple approaches that were always spot on. And Lakin was always there for us. He gave us his cell phone number so we could reach him day or night. Our team loved him and so do I!

Ben Rowland, Independent Proposal Consultant
Buchanan & Edwards

It doesn't make sense to me to seriously pursue government contracts without using every possible competitive advantage. The stakes are just too high. That's why we depend on 24 Hour Company to create compelling proposal “packages” that give us the best shot at winning.

It's more than just the technical graphics—it's other elements of the presentation like the technical editing, desktop publishing, printing, binding and covers—that make our proposals stand out from the rest. And there's no such thing as a stress free proposal but working with 24 Hour Company comes real close. They take care of all the details and are flexible enough to adapt to my schedule. Not to mention they always deliver on time.

Mike Conk, Director of Business Operations
Buchanan & Edwards

C2 Kinetics

I heard about 24 Hour Company from a colleague who had just won a big contract with the help of 24 Hour Company graphics. I found out for myself that your graphics are the best around and your service went way beyond my expectations. Throughout the job I could always count on a quick response from Megan—no matter what time it was. I felt like you folks were working the same ridiculous hours that I was working. It was comforting. The price was also surprisingly low. I’m now a big fan and I recommend you every chance I get!

Tim Jonas, C2Kinetics

Capture Strategies, LLC

No matter when I contacted Nana or Dana they were always there to take care of my ‘last minute’ issues. In addition to the high quality graphics, I can always expect to get the kind of advice that comes from designers who are more than just artists. They understand the business of proposals and how to get my graphics to sell my solution—not just to look pretty. 24 Hour Company designers are masters at conceptualizing—a skill that’s really hard to find in freelance or temporary designers. And the cost is very reasonable considering the quality and service I get each and every time I use 24 Hour Company.

Michael Haldas, Capture Strategies, LLC

The best thing about working with 24 Hour Company is that I don’t have to spend a lot of time explaining things to your designers, giving me more time to manage the proposal. I get maximum output with very minimal input. There is quick turnaround on edits and good communications throughout the process. I’ve worked with freelance designers in the past and usually have to spend time educating them about proposal graphics. Your folks are up to speed and work as real partners in the process, making my job a lot easier.

Scott Hartley, Capture Strategies, LLC
Centurum, Inc.

24 Hour Company graphics folks have the unique ability to conceptualize on the fly. The result is a first draft that's pretty close to the finished product! Their process is so efficient and turnaround is so fast that using them is extremely cost effective—compared with using freelance or in-house designers.

Joe Morice, Corporate Purchasing Manager
Centurum, Inc.

Constella Group

Thank you for going “above and beyond” again to meet another impossible deadline on the December 2003 NHLBI proposal. Even though the project was on a tight time schedule, Colleen Jolly got right on it, and had an initial design template for my review in just a few hours. Colleen patiently worked with me on the first draft through the night adding graphics and creating a professional, magazine-quality layout for the proposal.
Colleen worked directly with the printer to produce a quality saddle stitch bound proposal and delivered it to my office sooner than expected, allowing us to meet our deadline easily. I was very impressed with the finished product, especially the level of effort and ease of working with the 24 Hour Company. It's hard to believe that such a polished product can be created in just a few days.
I would be delighted to talk with anyone who wants to know first hand how much you've contributed to our business development successes at Constella—as well as my personal career.

Linda Holt, Constella Group

24 Hour Company is one of the most powerful and flexible tools in my toolbox for producing winning proposals. They provide exceptional and informative graphics, often on short notice, giving our proposals professional polish and visual appeal.

Melissa Church-Lawton, Constella Group

Corbin Company

One of our clients has been complimenting us on the high quality graphics you created as part of our deliverables. We appreciate your ability to translate prose into graphics using a “vocabulary” of shapes and colors that are both consistent and yet unique.
We would like to thank your for the consistently providing us with high quality graphics and excellent service. As a result we hope to continue to expand our working relationship with 24 Hour Company!

Mark A. Robin, Principal
Corbin Company

Creating the Vision

Working with you on my corporate logo was probably the easiest design experience I've ever had! Colleen asked me the right questions about the look I wanted, and it took only three shots to get it exactly right. What might have been a long drawn out process with another designer was really easy and painless for me. And it wasn't just Colleen—everyone I worked with at 24 Hour Company was very responsive and eager to please me.

Julie Jakopic, Creating the Vision
Data Computer Corporation of America

Having a designer work side by side with us on site was a real plus. It made the process from concept to actual graphics more efficient—saving us a lot of time, hassle and expense. Your ability to understand our requirements contributed to achieving high quality results. And thank you for your crisis response in generating new covers and getting them to us in time for delivery of the proposal. You truly live up to your company name!

Michael Gray, Data Computer Corporation of America
Eagle Systems and Services, Inc.

Having worked in other industries where graphic designers frequently gave their clients attitude, I was pleasantly surprised to find 24 Hour Company staff to be the most friendly and accommodating designers I’ve ever worked with! They stayed after hours and weekends to finish projects, and they were always cheerful and fun to work with. The quality was excellent too—even though we had revisions on our end, I never had to ask for corrections because of something 24 Hour did. Most of all, we were surprised by how little they charged for the high quality work and awesome service. We'll keep coming back! Thanks, 24 Hour Company!

AJ DePriest, (formerly of Eagle Systems and Services, Inc.)
Energy Enterprise Solutions LLC

I can always count on 24 Hour Company to treat my project as their number one priority. That's usually not the case when using in-house or freelance designers who have other work to do ahead of mine or personal commitments that often get in the way. There's also no comparison with the speed of service and consistent high quality of the graphics. The folks at 24 Hour Company listen to what I say and usually get it right the very first time!

Dawn Yarbrough, Energy Enterprise Solutions LLC
Ellumen, Inc.

24 Hour Company is exactly what I've needed for a long time as I doodle content on paper or the iPad Jot app fairly well, but can never get it to look as professional and polished as this. Outstanding work. Thanks.

Dan B. Wayland, Ellumen, Inc.
Earth Resources Technology

When I first used 24 Hour Company I thought their rates were a bit high compared with using temps or freelance designers. But then I realized that their quick turnaround and ability to get it right with very few edits more than made up for the hourly rate. It's also a piece of mind thing—with 24 Hour Company I know I will get what I need when I need it—even when deadlines change during the course of the proposal. It doesn't matter when you call, you always get someone who knows what's going on with your job—or you get a call back in 5-10 minutes with the answer you need. They're also a very friendly bunch of people who seem to really enjoy making my life easier.

Donna Swann, Earth Resources Technology
Esterline Defense Group

I contacted the 24 Hour Company to assist us with graphics for an upcoming proposal which included front, back and spine of 20 binders as well as CD labels for the cases and discs. This proposal was extremely important to our business and there was a lot of pressure on everyone to ensure a win.
My first point of contact was Colleen Jolly, who handled the initial setup/parameters of the project. Colleen was professional, responsive and concerned with making sure she understood the scope of the project so it could be quoted accurately.
Once the contract was signed, I worked with Chris Mahon on the design and implementation. Chris was at all times completely helpful, friendly, professional and most of all patient - and believe me - you need patience to deal with us! No matter how many changes we made, or how tight the deadline, he was always cooperative and willing to help. He was also extremely responsive to our needs, made many helpful suggestions and was concerned with our deadlines.
As a whole, the one thing that truly stands out about everyone I dealt with at 24 Hour Company is their high level of customer service. They truly make you feel that your project is as important to them as it is to you. Everyone is professional, friendly and responsive. Their attitudes and professional approach combined with the fact that they are very talented and produce excellent results make them one of the best vendors with which I have had the privilege to work. They set the standard for customer service and provide the results to back it up.

Lisa Montgomery, Marketing Manager & Travel Services
Esterline Defense Group
Federal Management Systems

The beauty of working with 24 Hour Company is that I don't have to waste my time giving them detailed explanations about what I'm looking for. They know about headers, footers, tables of contents and everything that goes into making a good proposal. And on this last proposal they actually finished the work ahead of the schedule I gave them. There is no way our in-house designers could have given me what I needed on time with all his other commitments. As far as cost goes, 24 Hour Company rates are very reasonable. Considering the quality of work and the kind of service we received, they are worth every penny!

Terry Valladares, Federal Management Systems

Future Skies

In addition to designing knockout graphics for us, 24 Hour Company was willing to do just about anything to make sure we met our proposal deadline at any time of the day or night. They stayed with us throughout the process, checking in with us in the evenings and on weekends to see if we needed them to be ready for another phase of the project. And there were no transition pains when we talked with different designers at 24 Hour Company. They were all well briefed on the project and had the same high standards of quality and service at a very reasonable cost.

Scott Devona, Future Skies

This is the fourth time we’ve used 24 Hour Company for our proposal graphics and so far every experience has been better than the last. You’ve gotten to know our style and a general idea of what we’re looking for. All we have to do is send you a doodle on the back of a napkin in the morning, and later that day we get a proof back that hits the mark. We’ve worked with freelance designers in the past and find that most don’t understand the technical domain. Walking them through every step wastes a lot of time and money. And speaking of money, your rates are very reasonable and the value we get is unbeatable!

Matthew Wilson, Future Skies

DKimmel Consulting

One of 24 Hour Company's greatest assets is their team of highly skilled artists, editors and desktop publishers—people who quickly grasp the task at hand and require very little hand-holding. Recently, when I had two weeks to turn around a "proposal in crisis," Debi stepped in immediately and worked one-on-one with my client's team of writers, reviewing each section of the draft text to suggest graphics that would present our solution more effectively. And I've been lucky to work with Colleen and Nanna several times on editing and formatting. Just last month, Colleen cleaned up and formatted a multi-section, 100+ page proposal perfectly in a matter of hours. I appreciated that she made herself fully available to receive each section as we finished it and then turned each section around so quickly—highly responsive!

In my opinion, the real result that 24 Hour delivers is a proposal that clearly conveys to the Government (or private sector organization) that my client is committed to excellence. Considering the expense that my clients incur to develop winning solutions, it's a no-brainer to bring in 24 Hour Company to provide the effective graphics, editing and formatting that produce a winning proposal. The cost of using 24 Hour Company to provide this polish is very reasonable—especially considering the cost efficiencies gained by getting the job done right the first time while working under tight proposal deadlines.

Deborah Kimmel, DKimmel Consulting
G&B Solutions, Inc.

Lakin was great to work with. He quickly picked up on what we were looking for, provided a variety of concept ideas and pictures immediately. That made it easy for me to see the whole range of options and pick out what would work best for me. Plus I would have spent a lot more time and money trying to do it in house, and without the breadth and depth of graphic concept experience you bring to the table. This was my first time working with 24 Hour Company and from now on I will use you as often as I can!

Jackie Everett, G&B Solutions, Inc.
General Dynamics

When we needed help preparing presentations for a recent training conference, you all helped prepare fantastic-looking slides and exciting multi-media files that were a huge hit with the audience. From having worked with you before, we expected a high level of quality, responsiveness, professionalism, value and deadline-driven service—and you came through again for us. Thank you for contributing to an excellent show that resulted in rave reviews!

John Mancuso, PMP
General Dynamics Information Technology

This was my first time working with you on a graphics project and I was surprised at how quickly Lakin was able to take what we described and create art from it! He was very easy to work with and eager to stay with the project—even if it meant working a very long day. The entire process took very little time and the cost was pretty reasonable too.

Jessica Morgenstern
General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems


I was running a reverse prime for a teammate that found itself RFP rich and, unexpectedly, graphic artist poor. 24 Hour Company was able to conceptualize rough sketches, render mature concepts, and handle multiple iterations of changes with good humor while maintaining high quality under tight deadlines. Quick turnarounds were the norm. Having 24 Hour Company on the team reduced stress levels; I would work with them again, anytime.

M. Lewis, Company Name Redacted

The best part of working with 24 Hour Company was their ability to hear what we were saying and quickly translate that into knock-out graphics that told a compelling story. Nanna’s desktop publishing skills were phenomenal. We ran into a problem with different versions of Word and she was able to diagnose and fix the problem quickly, saving us valuable time. There is also great coordination among the staff—lots of backups in place. I have worked with freelance designers in the past and there’s no comparison when it comes to quality—and the cost is quite reasonable.

Pete Lamonte, INTEGRITYOne Partners

We came to 24 Hour Company with a proposal that had to be updated with new material, and you stepped in and immediately understood what needed to be done to bring it up to snuff. It’s so different from working with freelance or temporary designers who don’t always have the proposal knowledge base and perspective to work with us effectively. Plus you don’t balk at working long hours and giving us really quick turnaround on the work we send over to you. Your support made the difference and helped us win this very large contract! And on another proposal Nanna and other 24 Hour Company staffers worked with me through two consecutive blizzards—over a seven day period—to get our bid in on time. Snow or no snow, you never missed a beat!

George Ware, IntelSat
Intrepid Solutions and Services

The best things about working with 24 Hour Company were the rapid response time and willingness to edit and re-edit without any push-back whatsoever from your well-trained staff. Throughout the process we were able to use our time working on content while you put our proposal in the best possible form. We have worked with freelance designers in the past and what we got were cookie cutter results. Your graphics showed real imagination and originality. The rates you charged were very competitive and you were always looking to add extra value which was much appreciated.

Intrepid Solutions and Services
Invertix Corporation

I am a COO with an investment mindset. Therefore, when I evaluate a new opportunity or partnership I am thinking value and return. On a recent proposal development effort, I was wondering how I was going to put it all together with key elements performing in three different locations. 24 Hour Company put my concerns about inefficient communications and slow response times to rest on this very complex project. Requests for new graphics and revisions were always well received and professionally accomplished on time. And the costs turned out to be very reasonable given the outstanding level of support. You get great mileage out of every hour. In a time of need where time is of the essence, a leader cannot afford a false start. 24 Hour Company came through for me and my company.

Craig Parisot, Invertix Corporation

It's never easy to find someone who can take technical conceptual inputs, often literally in the form of cocktail napkins, and turn them into compelling graphics that speak to the heart of what we're trying to say. Working with Debi is a pleasure. She usually gets the graphics right on the first pass—and rarely past the second iteration. I'm always pressed for time and she comes through every time with the quickest turnaround.

Jim Agniel, Invertix Corporation

JB&A, Inc.

Dana made my first experience working with 24 Hour Company a pleasure. We weren’t really sure what we wanted to do with the graphics for this proposal and she came up with a choice of several options that were right on target. And once we got into massaging the images, Dana was quick to come back with alternatives and tweaks—within two to three hours at most! The cost was also surprisingly very reasonable for the quality of product and the exceptional service.

Tom Spainhour, JB&A, Inc.

Jefferson Consulting Group

Our experience working with 24 Hour Company was excellent! We were impressed with your ability to complement our words and strategies with first-rate graphics that received rave reviews from our client. We also appreciated the explanation for the choice of graphics and color schemes throughout the conceptualization and graphics development process—this was a learning experience for us. We couldn’t have asked for a better price, considering the quality of the graphics, your time-sensitive customer service and reliable communication, and our client’s positive reaction to the graphics.

Jeremy Arensdorf, Jefferson Consulting Group
Kearney & Company, P.C.

I work with detail-oriented partners who are not easily impressed with most graphical renderings. When they saw what you can create after looking at our rough sketches, they were impressed! The quality of your graphics is matched by the quick turnaround you provide—along with the patience and professionalism of your staff. Compared with hiring an in-house designer, the cost is more than reasonable, especially considering your top-notch service.

Jim Druckenmiller, Kearney & Company, P.C.

24 Hour Company always comes through with graphics that simplify the most complex proposal, giving us a real good shot at winning the bid. Their designers understand our business and contribute ideas from a creative perspective--complementing our team's technical approach.
Throughout the proposal process they stay focused on the mission and never fail to deliver what they promise right on time.

Tod Allan, L-3 Titan

I greatly value 24 Hour Company's ability to self-manage and provide innovative, time-sensitive, customer-focused solutions that are second to none…I have worked proposals and handled development and production in many different ways over the years. I prefer working with your group of proposal production professionals, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Denise Rhea-McKenzie, Director, Proposal Development
L-3 Titan

The competitive advantage of using 24 Hour Company for our proposal graphics was never clearer to me than after I reviewed our bid-winning record for the past year. There were times when 24 Hour Company had more than 12 professionals working on our bids (some around the clock)—giving us the flexibility to answer multiple RFPs—and in turn, win more business.
There is no way we could ever afford to hire enough staff to respond so rapidly to changing demands on key strategic bids. Or to find the time and energy to supervise staff and coordinate all the production details. And our customers noticed the difference. Many of them were amazed at how our graphics made it easy to understand even the most complex engineering concepts. I know this factored into our 100% winning record!

Teresa Petrini, Systems Integration Sector
L-3 Titan
L.F. Jennings, Inc.

We gave you very little to work with and from that you constructed a detailed, gripping and first-class presentation in a very short time frame. Having worked with advertising agencies in the past, we didn’t expect your principals to be involved throughout the project to make sure our requirements were understood and executed perfectly. The icing on the cake was your pricing—very reasonable for the quality of your work and incredible service.

Mike Killelea, L.F. Jennings, Inc.
Lockheed Martin

I was extremely pleased with the knockout graphics you prepared for our GHS presentation. In very little time you took our ideas and translated them into visuals that made a very positive impact on our audience. I also appreciated the responsiveness and great attitude of everyone I worked with at 24 Hour Company. It's nice to work with people who bend over backward to please you!

Caroline Raistrick, Lockheed Martin

This is the first time I've used 24 Hour Company for such a big proposal and I was blown away by the ability of the designers to take our ideas and put them into graphics that clearly demonstrate benefits to our customer. I also appreciated their speed and accuracy throughout the entire process. They applied a consistent approach, methodology, product, and quality control to graphic production that you don't get with freelance designers. That all adds up to savings of time and money for me and my clients.

Brenda Crist, Lohfeld Consulting

I wanted to thank you and your team for the superb job you did supporting proposal efforts. The presentation turned out beautifully. It would be my pleasure to work with you again in the future.

Robin Nickerson, ManTech

N-Show Me Communications

Whenever I use 24 Hour Company I get the same high-end graphics and great customer service no matter which designer I work with. It's impossible to find that kind of consistency with temps or freelancers. On our last project they created a graphics log and art wall for us—going way beyond their normal scope of work—just to make our lives easier.

Troy Comfort, N-Show Me Communications


The multimedia presentation itself went smoothly and surpassed my expectations. 24 Hour Company was easy to work with and provided fast turn around to suit my schedule. My clients... were so impressed with the multimedia presentation that they requested your contact information for future projects of their own.

Peter Pantaleo, NCHnet
Northrop Grumman IT

…I had high expectations. You exceeded them.
Not only does the 24 Hour Company have some of the most creative people I have had the pleasure to work with, but they also have an excellent understanding of the federal proposal process and the effort that is required.
Your company is aptly named; I came to rely on the ability for my proposal team to develop graphics concepts during the day and have very credible graphics back the next morning.
“Whatever it takes” seemed to be the operational standard for your people.

C. Michael Oates, Vice President, Program Development
Northrop Grumman IT

Every time I use 24 Hour Company for my proposal graphics I get the same supportive "can do" attitude and fast turnaround no matter which talented designer I work with. They're always available—even at a moment's notice—to sit down with our writers and come up with graphics that look fabulous on the first cut. Plus their prices are very reasonable, especially compared to paying high per diem rates of in-house or freelance designers

Ekke Gasper, Northrop Grumman IT
Orbital Sciences Corporation

I wish to express my appreciation for the support of Chris Prochaska and Derrick Pedranti. Their contribution to the SBSS proposal that Orbital Sciences Corporation submitted was superior and above excellence.
They understood the long hours needed and worked without taking any breaks. They understood the proposal process thoroughly, and I realized I was in good hands. Chris and Derrick remained calm and focused and in turn, this stabilized by frenzied daily work. These two young gentlemen were professional and very talented. Each had their areas of expertise and both were complementary to the proposal effort. Without them we could not have submitted our proposal on time!

Michele Miller, Manager, Graphic Design
Orbital Sciences Corporation

Our first experience using 24 Hour Company came from being shorthanded on staff and facing a very tight proposal deadline. Kafi and the other dedicated staff sprung into action like a SWAT team, and after all the dust settled they helped to knock out graphics that included 14 “monster” foldouts. They were also very agreeable to working lots of overtime, including weekends. On the last night they stayed until after 4:00 a.m. to make sure the job was finished and boxed for delivery. I thought it would cost a lot more to use 24 Hour Company, but in the long run we actually saved money because it took less to time to create the high caliber graphics needed to give us the best shot at winning the bid.

Melinda Biegon, Orbital Sciences Corporation


Want to thank you and your folks for the support they provided over the last couple of weeks. Chris was creative in capturing our concepts for graphics and very responsive in getting new graphics developed, others re-purposed and changes made.
My schedule for putting the proposal together had things progressing in an orderly and timely fashion. However, as usual, things came down to the 11th hour. Want to thank Nanna for her support over the past weekend. She got the proposal into the desired format and turned around changes very quickly.
Finally, thanks to Colleen for putting up with me for the last minute changes yesterday morning. I know that every time she was told that I was on the phone for her, she thought “what does that dummy want now”. However, she was good-natured during the whole process and got the proposal to us with more than enough time to deliver it on time.
Thanks again to you and your team. I'm sure we will be using your services in the future.

Jim Houston, Orizon


After hearing from your other satisfied clients we decided to engage 24 Hour Company—for the first time—for graphic support for our largest bid to date. Your creative team was able to quickly grasp our abstract concepts and somehow magically overnight give us on-target graphics! In preparing proposals, change is always in the mix, and your team met the challenge and delivered.
The professionalism, creativity and outstanding customer service offered by 24 Hour Company was at a level that made all of our proposal team comfortable working with you. So comfortable that we came back for more graphics support on our next large proposal and will return for support in the future.

Carol Rogers, Chief Operation Officer


One of our in-house designers gave notice, but we still had three proposals on the schedule. 24 Hour Company came in and worked side-by-side with our customers and matched our style of graphics – you'd never know that one of our staff designers was out of the picture. Your designer quickly grasped our ideas and moved back and forth among all three proposals without getting them confused. Management was also pleased when they compared the cost of working with you, with the high level of quality and value we received.

Mary Helen Gregory, Praxis

Proposal Leadership, Inc.

As a contract proposal manager it's always good when my client chooses 24 Hour Company to work with on the graphics presentation. I know that your designers will do more than just what we want—they'll bring meaningful suggestions to the table and present them in a confident, but never bossy way. That makes my job easier and the client ends up with a much better proposal. I often recommend 24 Hour Company to my clients—when they are in a bind, you come in and relieve the pain!

John Lauderdale, Proposal Leadership, Inc.
Rainmakerz Consulting LLC

As a seasoned proposal professional with 23 years in the business and new business contracts valued at over $57 billion, I know what it takes to win. Whenever I take on a proposal consulting assignment that requires the best graphics in the industry, I always recommend 24 Hour Company. It takes the highest quality graphics to win in today's ultra-competitive proposal environment, and 24 Hour Company's work is second to none. And they really live up to their name by providing services and support—literally around the clock—with fast turnover times. Everyone at 24 Hour Company goes out of their way to make sure I'm pleased with their services—even if it means impacting their bottom line.

Chris Simmons, Rainmakerz Consulting LLC

Ransone Associates

I've had to convince many of my government contractor clients—especially the smaller ones—that when all the dust settles it almost always costs less to use 24 Hour Company for their proposal graphics, compared with freelancers or in-house designers. The turnaround is so fast and you just can't get better graphics anywhere else. I've made believers out of my most skeptical clients, and always recommend to them that we go with 24 Hour Company upfront.

Paula Ransone, Ransone Associates

Thanks again to all your team on a great job. Our team really complemented the look and feel of the package. I will take your package and show others at Raytheon in Dallas the quality of work that 24 Hour Company does and recommend you to our team there. Look forward to working with you on additional efforts in the next year.

Larry Cardwell, Raytheon

Your graphic designers have a knack for taking what I'm trying to say and creating concepts and pictures that make sense. These same designers are willing to work late hours to give me the quick turnaround I need to meet impossible deadlines. The quality and level of service are way beyond what I've ever gotten from temps or freelance designers.

Michele Bradley, Raytheon

Having worked exclusively with in-house designers in the past, there is no comparison with 24 Hour Company when it comes to being available and flexible to get the job done quickly and professionally. In-house designers often have heavy workloads, and it can be hard to get their exclusive attention to my job, and if they are out of the office for some reason, you often have no other resources for support. If you have a tough deadline 24 Hour Company is always there for you even at 11:00 p.m. on a Friday night! And 24 Hour Company's charges are very reasonable especially when you consider how little time it takes them to actually come up with the right graphics usually on the first try.

Patricia Sitterson, Raytheon
RS Information Systems

I'd like to acknowledge the absolutely outstanding support that Colleen Jolly and the 24 Hour Company team provided us in the development and production of the oral presentation for a recent proposal. Within one week the oral presentation underwent 24 iterations. The final full-color notebook I received on time was nothing short of exceptional! The professional and “can-do” support that Colleen provided is the hallmark of 24 Hour Company as I have experienced it over and over during the past three years. Very well done!

Robert S. Frey, Senior Vice President
RS Information Systems
Saft America, Inc.

Working with 24 Hour Company means very little back and forth, saving me time and trouble. When we gave them a rough sketch, we got back a finished product that we could use. When we presented Colleen with a page count challenge, she told us not to worry about it, and that she would take care of it. The proposal came back in fine form and right on time—at a reasonable cost.

Jack Hopkins, Saft America, Inc.

I'm good with words and it's not always easy for me to make the leap from words to pictures. 24 Hour Company designers are like no others I've worked with. They take my words and come up with unique graphic concepts to convey the real value of my proposal solution. And they really live up to their name when it comes to service. They're easy to work with and never ever miss a deadline!

Michael Haldas, SAIC

I can’t thank you enough for the hard work and rapid turnaround with your entire team – I LOVE working with your shop!

Justin Petitt, SES (Systems Engineering Solutions Corporation)

Mike Parkinson, Robert Warman and the whole team at 24 Hour Co. – thanks for wonderful facilitation, excellent graphics, quick turnaround and patience with us – incredible product and a fair price – incredible value. We love having you as part of our team.

Neal A. Levene, Siemens

We wanted to let you know that SMI has been awarded contracts in Georgia and Missouri. These are important contracts for SMI and we wanted to express our appreciation to 24 Hour Company for your support. Your graphics made our proposal responses stand out. We had the kick off meeting with Missouri yesterday. One of the evaluators stated the graphics helped her to quickly understand the points we were making!M

Cindy Moss, SMI

Working with freelance designers takes a lot time and trouble. I have to explain everything in great detail, and the graphics are never the quality that I’m looking for. Because you understand the proposal business, I can just send a paragraph of words and it comes back as a graphic that’s exactly what I wanted! No one can match the quality, speed and cost savings. I was able to eliminate a full-time graphics position by using 24 Hour Company. They are an extension of SMI and an integral part of our proposal team.

Cindy Moss, SMI

I am sure you heard that we won the contract. You did a great job on the proposal.

Bill Arnold, SOSi

It was at the very last minute that we decided to submit a 75-page proposal for a government opportunity. That put everything—including the graphics—on a super fast track. 24 Hour Company stepped in and in less than three weeks we had a proposal we could be proud of—written and submitted on time. You even did research on the government agency and recommended color schemes and themes. And with very crude drawings from us, you came up with images that were very presentable and appealing, with a consistent look and feel throughout. Our tight schedule required quick turnaround, and you worked side by side with us until the job was done—and done right.

Chris Frey, STSI

Sygnetics, Inc.

Our proposal writer, who normally handles editing and printing, went on vacation and we were in a real bind. Luckily someone recommended we get you to step in and take over. You came up with a really sharp cover, did the editing, and even had the proposal printed for us! I have to say that you went way beyond what we ever expected in the way of quality and service. And the cost was very reasonable. We'll be using you again real soon.

Tony Tarkowski, Sygnetics, Inc.
Tenzing Consulting

When I work with freelance designers I never know if they’ll be too busy working on another project to give me the quick turnaround I need. 24 Hour Company is more than one person deep, so there’s always a top-notch designer ready to respond—no matter what I throw at you—at any time of the day or night. Your folks are also very patient with our subject matter experts and good at asking the right questions to get at what we’re looking for. You can look at basic sketches and turn them into visuals that we could never do on our own. Even though your hourly rates may be a bit higher than freelance designers, your productivity is so much higher and there are fewer changes to process that we end up saving money in the long run!

Harley Stein, Tenzing Consulting

It was again a pleasure to work with Megan—she is a real gem! We managed our workload pretty well on this latest project, and it allowed Megan to really take the graphics to another level. Several proposal professionals have seen the deck and have raved that it is one of the best looking orals they've seen. Megan worked really hard – and well – with the SMEs to understand what they were trying to accomplish, and then she provided graphics and concepts that were better than our SMEs imagined! Its always a pleasure to work with your crew. They make my job a lot easier.

Harley Stein, Tenzing Consulting

The Wexford Group International

A CACI Company

Our company has used the 24 Hour Company several times, and their quality and responsiveness has always been top rate. But I never thought they could pare down a recent proposal to meet a very tight 30-page limit. It seemed especially challenging since we started out with more than 50 pages of draft copy--before factoring in the charts and graphics!
On a very tight schedule 24 Hour Company was able to edit the text, add graphics and put it all in a format that brought us in under the page limit. Better yet, the proposal was in on time and we won the bid!

David Smith, VP for Manpower and Reserve Affairs
The Wexford Group International

TightRope Communications

Speed and quality are what separates 24 Hour Company from the majority of freelance and temporary designers I've worked with in the past. You won't find designers anywhere else who can go from rough concepts to pictures that clearly represent the most unique elements of our proposals—as quickly as they can. Everyone on the staff is very professional and adaptable to what I need and when I need it.
I’ve been working with 24 Hour Company for about eight years now, and I keep coming back. I’ve worked with freelance designers in the past and there’s just no comparison in terms of quality, speed, and confidence that they’ll do the job right the first time. And the cost is well worth it for the value I get. Graphics are so important to winning that you just can’t afford to scrimp on quality. You scrimp and you lose!

Ron Ralston, TightRope Communications

Full and open procurements mean you compete head to head with the biggest IT companies in the world no matter what your size is. You take nothing for granted, leave nothing to chance. 24 Hour Company is our equalizer. We use them because they help us translate our ideas into visually striking presentations that match anything our competitors can bring to the table – no matter how big they are. With Dennis and his team supporting our proposals and presentations, we can confidently take on anyone.

Frank A. Lancione, TranTech

Trawick & Associates

Trawick is on the move, re-branding itself to compete in the Tier-1 information technology marketplace, and 24 Hour Company has proven an effective partner in those efforts. From slicks, to brochures, to full-page ads, to website graphics, 24 Hour Company's designers turned Trawick's concepts into top-notch marketing materials that are really getting the message out. 24 Hour Company also provides us superb proposal graphics and desktop publishing support, and Trawick gets all of that support on a cost-effective, as-needed basis.

Ramona Osborn, Director of Proposal Development
Trawick & Associates


With respect to the content, our first priority must be getting the graphics locked down as soon possible. We have an excellent graphics support team in 24 Hour Company and they frequently work miracles, but these things take time to create, edit, refine etc. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the graphics in a submission could be worth millions (dollars that is) to our companies. We need to get them done and done right. We can depend on 24 Hour Company to do it.

Fred Conner, TWI

Before Mike Parkinson came to train our proposal team we had a limited process in place to produce proposal graphics. Needless to say we had ineffective proposal graphics which conveyed little in the way of a message and often became nothing more than pictures on a page. Now we have the tools to produce graphics that convey real meaning and have the power to convince the most scrutinizing evaluators. Mike also worked within our training budget—and his program was so compelling that we plan to have him back for a refresher course.

Randy Thomas, WellPoint

Winters and Winters

As the proposal manager for Northrop Grumman's winning KC-X bid, I was looking for a way to best communicate the complex technical elements of this massive bid—and make it easy for the evaluators to choose us. Having had previous experience with only freelance and in-house designers, I was surprised at how 24 Hour Company took charge of the graphics process and made my job a whole lot easier. They were very creative in defining solutions to portray the technical aspects of the offered solution. Not to mention the high quality of the finished product—with minimum input and rework—and the “can do” attitude and strong work ethic of each and every member of the staff.

David Winters, Winters and Winters
Northrop Grumman Proposal Manager for KC-45 Tanker Program
XR Solutions

We had not worked with 24 Hour Company before so I didn't really know what to expect when I called with a rush job for an ad design. They jumped on the project right away and after just a couple of days they sent me a draft that conveyed our message and supported it with a creative design. The process was fast, easy, professional, and well within our budget.

Bill Hatch, XR Solutions

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