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24 icon24 Hour Company was founded as a traditional graphic design firm in 1992 by Dennis Fitzgerald. Realizing the opportunity to focus on an underserved niche market in the Washington, DC area, Dennis transitioned the company into one whose primary clients are business development professionals who bid on government and commercial contract work. To provide a growing client base with unique, new services, the company added Mike Parkinson as a partner in 1999.

To offer the highest quality “bid-winning” proposal graphics, desktop publishing, web site design, marketing design, and training.

Your schedule is our priority. Whether it’s a proposal due tomorrow, a presentation due next week or a re-branding effort over the next month, we’re focused on our customers and ensuring they meet their deadlines.

Our staff of editors, producers, graphic designers, interactive designers, fine artists, animators, programmers, and technical service specialists will manage vendors and coordinate project requirements with your staff ensuring your project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our Creative Team

“we adore chaos because we love to produce order.”— m.c. escher

Dennis Fitzgerald

Dennis Fitzgerald


Dennis Fitzgerald founded the company in 1992 which has become the only graphic design firm that covers the bid and proposal market exclusively. Dennis built his business management skills from scratch, focusing on the basics of sales, finance, marketing, recruiting, HR, and accounting.

He attributes much of his success to learning by “failing forward.” If it had not been for mentoring relationships with successful entrepreneurs like his dad, business-savvy colleagues, and members of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), it could have been disastrous!

Dennis is an active member or the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) and the National Capital Area (NCA) Chapter.

Mike Parkinson

Mike Parkinson

Principal / CPP APMP Fellow / Microsoft MVP

Mike Parkinson is an internationally recognized visual communications expert, one of 36 PowerPoint MVPs in the world, and an APMP Fellow. As principal at 24 Hour Company, he has spearheaded multi-billion dollar projects and created thousands of graphics resulting in billions of dollars in increased revenue for our clients.

Mike is an active member of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) National Capital Area (NCA) Chapter.

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