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Roadmap CONOPS Graphic

How To Make My ConOps Clear and Persuasive

The Problem First, I want to define ConOps for those readers unfamiliar with the term: Concept of operations (ConOps) is a document or graphic that communicates the characteristics of a proposed system from the stakeholder’s perspective (those who will use…

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How to Create Winning Proposal Themes

By Chris Simmons, Rainmakerz Consulting A winning proposal is all about standing out from the competition by capturing the attention and the imagination of proposal evaluators. Compliant and compelling proposal themes can make the difference between winning and losing your…

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A Question that Makes Sales and Wins Proposals

There is a question that, if answered, gives you the insight to make sales and win proposals. I was invited to teach a class with Dr. Robert Frey, author of Successful Proposal Strategies for Small Businesses, at University of Maryland Baltimore County…

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Hand Drawn Graphic With The Words Hopes Fears And Biases In The Middle Represented With Theatrical Masks

Solutioning: Step 1

The solutioning process I teach is called U.S.E. The first step in this process is to Understand (U). Three core elements ensure understanding: customer, need, and requirements. Our proposed solution must resonate with the customer. To do so, we want to empathize…

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What is the worst sin in proposal writing?

By Carl Dickson, and I’ll give you three hints: It’s the most frequent cause of the proposal death spiral, that cycle of endless rewrites that are never good enough and only end because there’s a deadline, resulting in…

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