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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are becoming increasingly important in today’s business world. As the numbers of small businesses grow, making sure these values are incorporated into the way they operate has become more important than ever. This article will provide an overview of how small businesses can contribute to DEI both generally and through their marketing efforts.

What is DEI?

DEI is a set of principles that aim to create an equitable environment for all, explains the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. It encompasses not only diversity in terms of gender, race, sexuality, age, ability, and ethnicity but also equity — or fairness — in terms of access to resources and opportunities in workplaces and communities. Finally, inclusion ensures everyone feels valued and accepted regardless of their identity or background.

Making Diversity the Norm

Promoting diversity in the workplace is essential for creating an inclusive environment. One effective way to normalize diversity within your business is to document clear policies that emphasize respect for everyone and recognize each individual’s unique contributions. Furthermore, training staff on diversity and inclusion should be incorporated into onboarding processes and reinforced through continued education.

Finally, ensure leadership makes a conscious effort to create opportunities for coworkers to communicate with one another, get to know each other better, and develop meaningful connections across different backgrounds. By approaching the goal of normalizing diversity strategically, you can create an atmosphere of mutual respect that is conducive to productivity and job satisfaction in your organization.

Prioritizing DEI Alongside LLCs

A key element of an inclusive workplace is understanding the value each team member brings to the organization. ‍By committing to DEI, business owners can create a sense of belonging and empower employees to think creatively when tackling company goals.

Likewise, taking the necessary steps to register and learn how to start an LLC with the appropriate authorities is integral in establishing proper legal boundaries and ensuring that business owners are meeting all regulations and responsibilities required of them. It’s important for businesses to be aware of DEI initiatives as well as how to properly register their LLCs in order to build a strong foundation for enterprise growth and prosperity.

Implementing DEI Into Your Marketing Strategy

Integrating DEI into your marketing strategy is key when it comes to promoting your product effectively. Consider targeting audiences who may not traditionally see themselves represented by other companies or explicitly creating campaigns that feature people from different backgrounds in order to demonstrate commitment to equality. Not only can these efforts promote your products and services, but they can support the process of normalizing diversity.

Mike Parkinson, Principal / CPP APM explains, “Repeated exposure to a concept increases the viewer’s acceptance. Over time, we believe that the concept is true and right. Using imagery that promotes diversity and equity encourages inclusion by normalizing it. The more we are exposed to diverse and equitable graphics, photos, videos, and animations, the more our “automatic” brain accepts them. We are naturally driven to want to include everyone. Science says that if we consistently depict the world we want to live in, we’re more likely to create that world.”

Additionally, your business will model important inclusive practices within your community and target audience. By authentically representing DEI in your marketing, you can ensure a safe space where customers can ask questions about your product or service without feeling judged or discriminated against.

Apply DEI Into Your Company’s Brand

Building DEI into your brand doesn’t just mean featuring diverse models on website homepages. It means being intentional about reflecting diversity and equity in nearly every aspect of your company’s identity, explains The Communication Network. From copywriting language choices and website visuals like font choice or color palette, all the way up to larger initiatives like hiring policies and even financial contributions towards social justice efforts in the community at large

Incorporating DEI Into Graphic Design

Think beyond just choosing stock photos with racially-diverse models — incorporate elements like typography choices, symmetry variations (a concept known as “asymmetrical balance”), positive space usage (layouts that push content forward rather than burying it beneath unnecessary frills), etc., all reveal elements of design decisions intended towards inclusion and accessibility rather than exclusion & alienating potential customers.

Help Your Business Embody DEI

As small businesses continue to grow around the world, it is essential they uphold values like Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) both within the organization itself as well as when presenting publicly facing concepts. This includes new products or brand messages via marketing strategies & graphic designs. By recognizing these principles, we embrace an inclusive culture where widespread inclusion is normalized.

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